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watermelon_wave's Journal

Watermelon Wave
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Everything and All in this Community is FICTIONAL,
nothing of this is true in any kind or way!
(unless it's clearly stated otherwise)

Please be aware of this.


Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what I want to be doing here.
But I want this to be a place for writing. For little Contests or Challenges, nothing big,
just something to pass the time and have some fun.

When you decide to post some of your writing here for a Contest or Challenge,
please post like this:


and the actual content behind a cut...


  • To introduce youself and meet the others, please go here

  • A list of all Challenges and the regarding entries so far can be found HERE or via the used tags Have fun! :)

If you want to be Affiliates with watermelon_wave send me a PM or email.
You can either use the usual lj link watermelon_wave and/or one of the following graphics

Please upload them to your own webspace if possible.

slip_it_in_j2 Fanfics written by hay1ock & garvaldmains

jaredchris A Jared/Chris Slash Community for Fiction and Graphics

the_one_i_want A Jared/Jensen/Chris/Steve Community, romantic and/or not, for Fiction, Graphics and Videos

spirit_boys A Writing Community for the works of titheniel, ilovemybaby and fallonblackdays. J2, SC/CK and variations


The amazingly pretty Layout was made for me by writing_light, thanks sooo much, sweetie, I love you to pieces!!!
Header by burned_phoenix, Pictues taken by Jessica Gädicke

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