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Title: I Think It’s Time to Give This Game a Ride
Genre: RPS AU
People: Jared/Jensen. Some Chad, Gabe, Jeff and minimal Tom and Mike. very minimal.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 37,000
Warning: Lots of bad words - there is Chad, so swearing is a requirement. Some sex, well, lots of sex.
Summary: Jared Padalecki loves his summer softball, and his team doesn't take it too lightly either. They play with a vengeance and are still in a deep, hate-filled rivalry with the league's other hot team. Jared's play lights up when he hooks up with Jensen Ackles, but will the hot streak last all summer long? He has to face the rivals and what created it in the first place.
Disclaimer: Absolutely a figment of my imagination
Notes: Excessive notes are found in the entry. Also, was posted a bit of a while ago (August?), but fits theme and I was prodded to post it here :-D

Got a beat up glove, a homemade bat, and a brand new pair o' shoes
12th-Oct-2009 10:20 am - Community pimp!

Calling all Jared/Chris lovers (readers and writers)!

audeamus22and I came up with a table prompt over at jaredchris. Come over and participate! Can't have too much Jared/Chris! (Click the pic for prompts and rules)

Even if you don't write, head on over and check out the comm. We allow all fic that has a Jared/Chris pairing at some point in the story. Icons, headers, news, pics, banners, etc. are all accepted as long as it has Jared and/or Chris in it. So please come and check out the comm and see if it's a place you'd like to join/watch!

25th-Aug-2009 01:08 pm - #06 - I'm Sick, You're Tired

Title: I’m Sick, You’re Tired
Author: not_refined
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean  pre-slash
Spoilers/Universe: pre-series
Wordcount: 1267
Summary: Sam is fifteen and so done with being a freak. Of course, Dean’s still there so... perhaps this whole not being a freak idea is easier said than done.

Disclaimer: So not real, so not mine.

You're such a macho freak.

11th-Jul-2009 11:30 am - #07 - Kodak Moment
Hey guys, sorry for taking so long with this, I've been meaning to post the new challenge for over a month now :s I feel bad.

Yes, we had only one fic for challenge #06 so far, but it ROCKED! *dances*

Anyway, on to the challenge :)

Kodak Moment or Picture Perfect...

Give me One Moment, One Day, One Memory.
How short or long is up to you.
You can write about it as it's happening, from an outsider POV, being told as a memory... just pick one moment and share it.
Happy or sad is up to you.

There will be no deadline, because I think it works pretty well. You can always pick any other challenge at any given time if something strikes you.
Just let me know if you plan on writing something and we'll see how long it takes us.
ANY character, person or pairing is welcome, no matter which fandom.

If you have any questions or problems, just ask me :)

As usual, If you post, use the usual information upfront, as stated in the profile and use '#07 - your title' as the subject line, thanks!!!

HAVE FUN!!! *hugs*
20th-May-2009 10:18 pm - #06 - Fire And Ice
Title: Fire And Ice (NOW COMPLETE)
Author: hay1ock
Rating: R
Wordcount: 27000 in total over 11 chapters
Summary:  Written for the fire and ice prompt at watermelon_wave.  Jensen didn't remember that night; the night a fire ripped through his friends house; the night something inside him was forced wide open.  Desperate, his parents turned to a 'specialist', someone that perhaps could help set things right; find the control and reveal the memories Jensen needed if he was ever to have a life considered 'normal' again. 
Notes: Warnings: Includes implied incestuous relationship, attempted non-con.  I own nothing except the hours i fill writing this stuff lol. It's something a bit different again to my usual fics, so i really hope you will enjoy it.  Thank you to all handholders, mini_moue for the art and to everbody that has commented on the previous chapters - loves you all X

All chapters found  HERE and also linked.

Amazing banner by mini_moue *bloody love you girl*


10th-Apr-2009 04:18 pm - #05 - Got Lucky, Beautiful Shot

Title: Got Lucky, Beautiful Shot
Author: not_refined
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, also starring Chad Michael Murray, Danneel Harris, Sandra McCoy, Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling.
Spoilers/Universe: Total AU
Wordcount: 6,100 (over two parts, both posted)
Summary: Jared Padalecki likes anything to do with balls, and figures they’re the best way to win the heart of a certain gorgeous, eccentric knitting fan named Jensen.
Disclaimer: So not real, so not mine.

Jared Padalecki likes anything to do with balls.
30th-Mar-2009 11:21 am - #06 - Fire & Ice
First of all, sorry for taking so long with this, I totally forgot even though you guys tried to remind me. I feel really bad about it :s

Second *g* Yes, you get a new challenge BUT there are at least two of you girls that owe me a story for Challenge #05! I'm holing you to that *smirks*

Third, thanks to schnute23 for suggesting this as the new challenge *huggles*

Fire & Ice

Do what ever you want with it. Take it literally, or not, use it for surroundings, feelings, tension, ice cream and cigarrets. Show me what you can come up with, interpret it how ever you like. JUST WRITE SOMETHING *g*

Again, there will be no deadline, because I think it works pretty well. You can always pick any other challenge at any given time if something strikes you.
Just let me know if you plan on writing something and we'll see how long it takes us.

If you have any questions or problems, just ask me :)

As usual, If you post, use the usual information upfront, as stated in the profile and use '#06 - your title' as the subject line, thanks!!!

HAVE FUN!!! *hugs*
2nd-Mar-2009 09:22 pm - #05 - After Hours
Title: After Hours 1/1
Author: burned_phoenix
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles
Spoilers/Universe: AU, Highschool, AfterHours!verse
Wordcount: ~ 2.925
Summary: see below
Warnings: other than that it's my first attempt at writing sex in english and also in writing gay sex? none
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction. The above and beyond mentioned individuals have nothing, in any way, to do with the content of this story. This is written purely for entertaining purposes, no harm should be done, no rumors should be started because of this.

Basically, this was inspired by this post I found on fmylife.com

Today, while in our communal showers in the highschool football locker room, I started to swing my penis around because it feels good and I was alone. Two minutes later the rest of the team hops into the shower with me. 30 dudes, one self-induced boner. FML.

But it also fits the requests for Challenge #05 on watermelon_wave, so I decided to post it as an entry, because there still aren’t any *pokes*
Yes, I’m cheating on my own challenge, come on, you can do it too *g*

Anyway, I promised to dedicate this to silverstrings who is having a tough time, I hope you like it, sweetie!!

Also, last but not least, many thanks to basez_dreams for doing a great and fast beta job. Any remaining mistakes are clearly my fault.

Read more...Collapse )
29th-Jan-2009 02:06 am - #03: three little words-drabble
Title: Make a choice
Characters: Sam&Dean
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 100
A/N: Writen for the "3 little words" challenge over at watermelon_wave.

[Me Myself and I] new hair & baby
Title: I'm in the air (creepy little sneaky)
Author: trinipedia
Rating: PG17
Characters/Pairings: Z!Sam/Dean (you'll get it XD), Sam/Dean preslash
Warnings: Cracktastick Pr0n? Please, don't have me committed after this.
Wordcount: 3.400ish
Summary: Sam Winchester, I suggest you learn to choose your words carefully when you don't know who you're talking to, since you should know by now that sometimes a few of them will be all that it takes. Three of them, in this specific case.
Disclaimers: Not mine, nothing is. Pic for the header snatched from the (inspiring) Dean sleeping picspam on jensenated.
More disclaimers and notes at the end of the fic or I'll spoiler you.

Note: written for watermelon_wave's third challenge, "Three Words", basically because I wanted to make burned_phoenix happy XD

Thanks to: eryslash, sarabakanashimi and hay1ock for their unrelenting help, support and neverending patience *_* Love you girls!

Ever closer, ever nearer, silently, I arrive: you don't know I'm alive.Collapse )

Sam hates me from the icon. *iz afraid* Assistant, please. *pushes her Assistant!Jensen in front of her*
A!J: hey! It's not in my contract that I have to take a bullet for you!
Trini: *shrugs* you should learn to read the small prints.
A!J: *sweating profusely* Damn.
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